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PDP Short Cymbal Boom Arm with 9" Tube

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The PDP Concept Series Cymbal Boom Arm with 9-Inch Vertical Tube lets you easily add cymbals to your drum kit. Simply fix the vertical tube into any compatible mounting clamp, and attach it to virtually any existing stand. And the 16.5-inch Boom Arm can also telescope down into the tube, so this accessory can double as a straight cymbal mount when you need one.

At the heart of PDP’s Concept Series hardware line is the toothless Quick Grip Tilting Clamp, which allows drummers to add a multitude of percussion instruments, cymbals, accessories and even microphones to their kit, without adding more stands. This innovative, adjustable clamp gives players the ability to customize just about any existing stand in a myriad of ways. The sturdy, all-metal clamp features a friction disc for fine-tuning your angle settings. And the versatile Quick Grip design uses dual fittings to accept the factory-set 1/2-inch mounting arms, or convert to 10.5mm arms with the simple turn of a drum key. This means you can combine the Boom Arm/Vertical Tube with the array of other Concept Series stands and accessories for virtually limitless mounting possibilities.

  • Toothless Quick Grip Tilting Clamp for exact angle adjustments
  • Quick Grip Clamp slides anywhere along the Boom Arm
  • Quick Grip Clamp accepts 1/2-inch or 10.5mm mounting arms
  • Quick Grip Clamp can be removed to accommodate other mounting accessories
  • 16.5-inch Boom Arm fits telescopically into Vertical Tube