NUX Mighty Space Wireless Amp with Bluetooth

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NUX introduces their flagship Mighty Space, a powerful 30-watt portable wireless modeling amplifier with Bluetooth.

  •  Powerful 30 watts portable wireless Modeling Amplifier
  •  TSAC-HD (White-Box) Amp Modeling algorithm offers realistic playability & feedback
  •  512 samples IR resolution. (34 premium built-in IRs and 20 user slots for 3rd party)
  •  7 presets with ACTIVE functions. (PRESET switch toggles ACTIVE ones sequentially)
  •  GATE, CMP, EFX, AMP, IR, EQ, MOD, DLY, RVB effect blocks with free order
  •  White-box algorithm EFX offers analog response and natural chaos
  •  Stereo DLY / RVB effects with gorgeous tone
  •  Patch Level function for each preset
  •  Drum & Loop with included NMP-2 Lite footswitch control
  •  7hrs playing time
  •  Ultra-low system latency: 1.2ms
  •  Intuitive MightyAmp™ APP & Mighty Editor™ edit software (3rd party IR loader)