Yuma Violin & Clarinet Lessons Monthly Tuition - Elizabeth

Lessons - Elizabeth

Elizabeth's Bio - Elizabeth began her musical journey in the 6th grade. She first learned how to play the Bb clarinet for Gila Vista’s band where the predominate music style she studied in was marching. While in middle school, she went to summer band camp for 3 years and studied music theory and dabbled in a variety of instruments such as the flute, French horn, bassoon, percussion, and the violin. Her musical journey further progressed as she decided to join Kofa High School’s orchestra in the 9th grade. After many hours of practicing and hard work, Elizabeth was promoted to Concert Master and principle chair of 1st violins by both the former Concert Master and the orchestra’s conductor her Junior year.

During this time she auditioned for String Ambassadors and was accepted into the group, performing in a variety of concerts big and small. As her high school chapter of her life came to a close, her music chapter only continued to exponentially expand. Elizabeth still plays and practices with the String Ambassadors and performs with the Civic Orchestra whenever she can. When String Ambassadors no longer had any violas, she rose up to the challenge to learn how to play the viola and now performs in concert functions as principle viola; it has been 2 years since she learned the viola. But the desire to learn more kept growing. A little over 6 months ago, Elizabeth began taking private lessons to learn the double bass, however, she does not perform in concert functions as a double bass player. She is also re-learning the clarinet and plans to take private lessons in the fall semester at AWC. Her main training on all three stringed instruments is classical.

While Elizabeth is striving to achieve an Associate’s degree in Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Conservation, music is a life-long passion and love for her that she wishes to share with others no matter their musical background.

Your Monthly Tuition includes a minimum of four 30-minute private lessons each month at a repeating scheduled day and time with the same instructor.

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