Nady U-2100 Dual Handheld & Lapel Wireless System


The Nady U-2100 dual wireless system offers the best performance and price value in professional UHF wireless, offering clear-channel, frequency-agile operation on the UHF band for interference-free performance in any application or locale. The Nady U-2100 delivers 100 user-selectable channels, frequency synthesized in 00-99 channels in the US frequency band (A) 480-504.75MHz, and band (B) 505-529.75MHz. The built-in Auto-Scan feature offers a quick and convenient way to select an open channel for single system use or to set up many wireless systems at the same location for simultaneous multichannel operation. The Nady U-2100 wireless system features proprietary companding and low-noise circuitry for an industry-best 120dB dynamic range, and the clearest, most natural sound available in wireless today.

System includes one handheld microphone and one lapel microphone.