Blackstar ID:Core 20w Stereo Combo Amp

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The Blackstar ID:Core 20 is everything you love about Blackstar amps in a portable package!

With six on board sounds: Warm Clean, Bright Clean, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1 and OD 2, which can then be further tailored with on board controls (including the patented ISF control which takes you from British to American sounds) and the ability to deep edit patches via USB!

At the centre of the ID series is the authentic recreation of valve amp dynamics and the ID Core amps are no exception: get all the expression and three dimensional tone that you would from a true valve amp but without the unmanageable volume! The 20w of Power is perfect for use at home use and even small rehearsals!

What's more the stereo speaker configuation make it perfect for playing back music via the line-in, which you can jam along to simultaneously!