Nady Dual Headworn Digital Wireless System

DW-22 HM

The Nady DW-22 Dual Headworn Digital Wireless Microphone System brings you the superior sound quality of digital audio technology in a simple, easy-to-use and reliable package. With the two included Digital LT HM-3 headset microphones, this system couldn't be easier to set up and operate. After inserting new AA batteries in the transmitters, just connect the AC adapter as well as the audio output that is most suited to your set up (either microphone or line level) to the receiver and turn them both on. The system is now ready to go!

  • A reliable digital wireless microphone system that is easy to setup and use – The superior sound quality of digital audio with digital QPSK modulation combined with the performance & reliability of the UHF frequency range.
  • State-of-the art, professional 48kHz / 24-bit digital conversion for exceptional audio clarity with transparent frequency response across the entire audible range (20Hz ~ 20kHz). The truest possible sound with undetectably low latency.
  • Perfect for stage performance, karaoke, public address (presentations, classes, conferences) Reliable long range operation. Digital transmission virtually eliminates interference from nearby obstacles.
  • Extended operating range up to 300 feet line-of-sight
  • Box contents: DW-22 dual receiver (with volume control, XLR mic outputs, ¼” line mixed output, power switch, LCD display and safety cable clip to prevent the power chord from being accidentally pulled off during operation), two wireless transmitters, AC adapter, ¼” audio cable, manual.